Tattoo Removal Glasgow

Tattoo Removal Glasgow – Amazing Results From Glam Aesthetics Specialists

When a tattoo changes from being a beautiful piece of skin art to being something which embarrasses you, it’s time for tattoo removal Glasgow.

Glam Aesthetics is one of the leading tattoo removal clinics and using laser treatments, we can get rid of unwanted ink.

Whether it’s a small section that needs erasing, or if you want the whole tattoo removed, we can help.


Here at Glam Aesthetics we offer the most effective removal of tattoo’s, combining top quality treatments with the lowest cost.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo removed, here’s what you need to know.

How does tattoo removal Glasgow it work?

Using different wavelengths, pulses of light will be directed at the tattoo you want to remove. This light hits the skin and disrupts the ink placement. This allows the body’s own natural defenses to gradually break down the colour, absorbing it from the skin.

This type of laser treatment can be performed over a larger area to get rid of an entire tattoo, or can be used with pinpoint precision to delete unwanted elements, such as a name.

Tattoo removal works best on red, navy and black but it’s possible to use the lasers on most colours. Light blue, pastels and green are the most challenging to erase.

How quickly will the results show?

Getting a tattoo removed isn’t a quick process, and the skin must be allowed to heal between sessions. This is vital to prevent any scarring or differences in skin texture in the longer term.

Most tattoos require between 8 and 12 sessions to remove them completely, and larger or brightly coloured tattoos can take even longer.

You should wait at least 4-6 weeks between treatments too. This not only allows your skin to heal but also provides your own immune system the chance to get rid of as much colour as possible. Having treatments spaced more closely together could mean that you end up spending more than is strictly necessary.

Tattoo fading

If you would like to keep a tattoo on your body, but are just unhappy with the one that you currently have, you may not need a complete removal treatment programme.

We can provide tattoo fading which will allow a newer tattoo to cover up the original unwanted design. Fading the original tattoo sufficiently to allow it to be easily hidden is a much quicker process and can normally be achieved within just a few sessions.

If you’re in the Glasgow area and need tattoo removal, give Glam Aesthetics a call for a professional service at the lowest cost. With a free consultation for every customer, we can help you get rid of any unwanted ink as quickly and painlessly as possible.