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Botox Glasgow – Glam Aesthetics are the Premier Specialists

If you’re looking to banish wrinkles and lines from your face, forget about expensive invasive surgery and come to us instead at the Glam Aesthetics clinic for botox Glasgow.

Specifically designed to get rid of unwanted wrinkles, Botox is a quick, easy and convenient treatment that will help you to look younger without blowing your bank balance. Smoothing and softening even the deepest lines and wrinkles, Botox treatments can be customized to produce exactly the result you want.


Sound good but want to know more? Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions about Botox to help you make up your mind.

How does it work?

Botox works by temporarily relaxing some of the muscles in the face, preventing them from contracting.

This in turn stops wrinkles and lines from being formed via this movement, which produces a much softer and smoother appearance.

Will I be left with a “frozen” appearance?

One of the biggest fears many people have is that Botox will stop them being able to show emotion, leaving their face looking frozen and artificial.

This should never be the case.

Botox only works on isolated muscles in the face, relaxing them with pinpoint precision while allowing all the surrounding muscles to contract as normal. This ensures you will have a full range of movement and natural looking results.

The key is to only have treatments at clinics such as Glam Aesthetics where the Aestheticians are highly trained and experienced. At the Glam clinic, every patient has a free, no-obligation consultation as part of the process which allows us to understand the look you want to achieve.

Will the treatment hurt?

Most people report that Botox is virtually pain-free, with just a minor scratching feeling due to the very fine needles used in the process. Numbing cream can be used to take away this sensation if desired.

How long will it take to recover?

Botox is safe and non-invasive, so you won’t need to set aside time to recover as you would with surgery.

The treatment typically only takes 30-40 minutes after which time you won’t need to rest or recuperate, and can simply get on with your day. It’s so convenient that some people even have it done during their lunch break!

It’s possible that you may see some reddening or swelling at the site of the injections but this effect will disappear within 24-48 hours.

How long does Botox Glasgow last?

After the treatment, you’ll begin to see the effects of Botox in around 2-14 days and these will typically last for a minimum of three months. Some treatments will last a bit longer, up to 5-6 months (more likely for repeat treatments).

Discover the beauty of Botox for yourself

Glam Aesthetics are one of the very best Botox clinics in Scotland so why not come and try anti-wrinkle injections for yourself? Give us a call today to book a no-obligation appointment with one of our friendly Aestheticians.