Benefits to Having Lip Fillers


Luscious, kissable lips are a beauty must-have but if you’re not blessed with a plump pout, nature might need a bit of a hand.

Fillers are an easy way to give you the lips you’ve always wanted, with a procedure which is quick, simple and convenient.

If you’ve thought about having lip fillers in the past but never taken the plunge, you might be interested in the following benefits to having the treatment.

Low Risk

Lip fillers are widely acknowledged as one of the safest treatments you can have, with no dangerous surgery or general anaesthetics to endure.

The entire procedure can be carried out at the aesthetician’s clinic and you’ll be out in less than an hour.

You might have a local numbing cream, but this wears off quickly and the application of lip fillers is quick, convenient and low-risk.

Pick your Lips

You might have the preconception of an overfilled “trout pout” but you can change the shape and volume of your lips by the degree you want.


If you’re hoping for a more radical transformation, lip fillers can give you a dramatic new look with lips to die for! However, if you just want to subtly improve your pout, you can opt for just a smaller amount of filler which looks so natural no-one need know that you’ve had it done!

Instant Youth

Your lips are one the first things that start to show the signs of ageing, losing both definition and fullness over time.

This can be prematurely ageing even if the rest of your skin is in good conditions. Having lip fillers can return a youthful appearance instantly, rolling back the years overnight.

You can use lip fillers to add definition, or fullness, both of which are useful to counteract ageing which tends to cause thinning and loss of shape. The fillers can be applied precisely where you need it so you look younger straight away.

Try it Out!

Lip fillers don’t provide a permanent change, typically lasting between 6-9 months so you’ll need to have the treatment repeated to keep the same look.

However this can be a real benefit because if you take the plunge and decide you don’t like the look, or you want to alter the appearance of your lips in a different way, you’re not stuck with a permanent change!

You can either just allow the lip filler to wear off or you can talk to the aesthetician to get a different shape or volume when you have it topped up.

Pop down to your local aesthetician clinic today to see how lip fillers could transform your look.

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